Lilli lewis

 “You don’t write an album called ‘All is Forgiven’ 
unless you have plenty to forgive.” -Lilli Lewis

Only one week after she performed at The Kennedy Center, New Orleans “Folk Rock Diva” Lilli Lewis graced our stage and put on a stellar show during her Bugle Boy debut in 2022.

Today, we share with you that Lilli has become the latest recipient of the Bugle Boy Foundation Founder’s Choice Talent Trust award! Lewis has successfully used her Talent Trust funds to assist with the release of her album, All Is Forgiven.

Lilli is known for her powerhouse performances and composes in every tradition that inspires her, including soul, Americana, hip-hop, classical, folk, jazz, rock, gospel, and blues.

“All my life I’ve felt I’ve had to prove myself for one reason or another. These songs have been teaching me to reach for gentler truths.” As the album asks in its finale, “When we find life again, do this for me, teach me to walk, teach me to run, teach me to thank the golden sun.”- Lillie Lewis

Please support Lilli by purchasing All Is Forgiven, and expect to see her back at The Bugle Boy in 2024!

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