Woody Russell

On Friday, May 17, 2013, when the 2013 Bugle Boy Foundation’s Talent Trust recipient, Woody Russell, joined Grammy nominee John Fullbright on stage for a spellbinding rendition of Van Morrison’s Crazy Love, the sold-out crowd was treated to collaboration so soulful that even the legendary “Van the Man” would have tipped his Fedora to the two. Fullbright, the 2012 recipient of the Talent Trust, “passed the torch” to Russell at the memorable May 17 performance.

The guitar-wielding Russell’s bluesy style has secured a place for him with many loyal fans, on both a national and international scale. His talent has brought him from the early days of his well-received, eclectic album, Salt, and the successful, critically-acclaimed blues collection, Up Against It, to his latest work, Big Sky– an instrumental record that reflects the Montana native’s jazz and film music interests.

In 2011, Woody Russell became part of America’s living room as Troubadour TX took to the airwaves. Russell was the first featured artist on the nationally syndicated (CW Network) television “docu-reality” show about Texas musicians. The show provided an intimate, behind-the-scenes look into the lives and careers of the chosen artists.

Because he was one of the more prominently featured artists, Russell was able to spend time each week “in the homes” of 40 million viewers, an experience that brought with it many new fans for the singer/songwriter. He refers to his fan base as well as the cast and crew of Troubadour TX when he says, “It put me in touch with a lot of good people all around.”

Russell says, “Becoming the 2013 Talent Trust recipient is an honor and the Bugle Boy is a special home to me. One where I feel free to refine my song-craft and performances. This award is a public affirmation that there is a significant belief in my work, in my artistry.”

The Talent Trust will help to further the success of his upcoming Delicious Days, an album that Russell says is filled with “a certain sense of romance, longing, searching and ultimately, gratitude” and speaks to people “who have lived a little [and] have some personal history under their belt.”

Russell feels that the album is his best yet–a collection of pop-jazz, blues and soul filtered through his own brand of quirky songwriting.

Bugle Boy founder Lane Gosnay states, “I know musical tastes are subjective and there are fans for every musician, but the track record with our Talent Trust recipients seems to course a deeper vein with listeners. These aren’t just musicians that are writing cool ‘hooks,’ they are artists that desire to share with their fans on a very personal level, and in doing so forge indelible connections with those that listen. Woody not only has immense technical savvy, but more importantly he can ‘color in the lines’ of one’s imagination and skillfully make meaningful connections with his listeners.”

Russell is an ever-evolving entertainer, out-doing himself each time he undertakes a new project- leaving his fans with the promise that the best is yet to come. He says, “If I can listen to my own albums 10 years downrange from their release, then I will know I’ve done work that stands the test of time by my own definition.”

The Bugle Boy’s support will help ensure that his work will continue. And like those recipients before him, Woody Russell will, no doubt, bring back to the successful music venue a legacy that supports the Foundation’s record of excellence in selecting deserving talents for the honor.

Watch Woody Russell & John Fullbright perform Van Morrison’s “Crazy Love”