On Saturday, April 9, 2011 during a powerful, emotional musical performance, Elizabeth Wills passed the honor of being the Bugle Boy’s Founder’s Choice Talent Trust recipient to critically acclaimed jazz singer Kat Edmonson.

Kat will receive financial backing from the Foundation for her Fall 2011 release to be recorded in New York City’s famed Avatar Studios, working with legendary producers Phil Ramone (Paul Simon’s “Still Crazy After All These Years; Billy Joel, “The Stranger”) and Al Schmitt (Steely Dan, “Aja;” Frank Sinatra, duets albums). Ramone and Schmitt have a combined 27 Grammy Awards.

Edmonson is thrilled at becoming the new Talent Trust recipient. She says, “I am humbled by the immense generosity of the Bugle Boy Foundation and honored to receive this Talent Trust Award. To be approached with such a great amount of trust is disarming in this industry. It’s a testament to the goodness of people’s hearts and the pure desire of the people to hear music that they love. I’m moved that they chose my music to support. I want to make them proud. I’m also incredibly inspired to be a recipient after the true-blue artist Elizabeth Wills. Not only do I look up to her, but I had the privilege of singing with her during her show and that was a really big thrill for me.” LISTEN NOW.

Elizabeth Wills will be there to support Edmonson every step of the way. “When I think of Kat and her voice, phrasing and musical senses, I am moved, and I know how lucky I am to get the chance to see this rising star. I am so happy for her to get to share in the love and support that I knew, as well, from the Bugle Boy Talent Trust, and all of the people that will support her through that. I can’t think of a better choice. This is a GREAT day in the music business.”

According to Lane Gosnay, Bugle Boy Founder and Executive Director, “This is a dream come true. The Talent Trust was just an idea in 2009 and with the support of these talented artists and their fans, it has become a reality. The Talent Trust concept is a model that organizations, venues and artists can use successfully in their own communities. It is about being part of sustaining music careers, and keeping the real art of songwriting alive by giving artists a fair and reasonable way to finance their music without contractual complexities and creative smothering.”

In 2002, Kat landed in American Idol’s Top 48; by 2009 she recorded “Take to the Sky,” a blending of both modern and classic songs. Her shows have taken her from New York to Taiwan, opening for everyone from Lyle Lovett to Smokey Robinson. In December 2010, Edmonson performed the wintery classic, “Baby it’s Cold Outside,” as a duet with Lovett on Jay Leno’s “The Tonight Show.”

“The Boston Globe” says, “Edmonson might be the most promising American jazz singer to come along since Cassandra Wilson.”