“Organization, Environment, Timeliness – Great Music, atmosphere, people.” –  C. Castillo

In short, having seen Nellie at the Stateside at Paramount and The Bugle Boy, I have to say I was very impressed by just about everything The Bugle Boy had to offer. It’s a given that Nellie put on an extraordinary show at both venues, but the Bugle Boy welcomed each attendee with a warm personalized greeting and were so kind throughout making it a pleasant experience all-around. The Bugle Boy is very unassuming from the outside but, once inside, the acoustics and thoughtful interior design really blew me away. Everyone seemed to know each other and you could tell it’s a loving tight-knit community. I will be back! 

P.S. Please book Nellie again! Thanks for a great evening,” – D

I’ve been attending shows here since the “fold out chairs” days, and take pride in my assistance installing the theater seating making the musical experience even more enjoyable. My love and continued monthly support will remain going forward to this wonderful organization. My “musical friends” here at the Bugle Boy remain a testament to the commitment to the Texas (and beyond…) musician community. Thank you for all you do!” – N

[The Bugle Boy] has certainly built a national reputation as being one of the really fine listening rooms anywhere so we’re very fortunate to have it in our area…” – Joe Angel (host of Folk Tapestry Radio show /KTIM)


The Bugle Boy: the listening room we wish we could have in every town in America.
Part neighborhood watering hole, part Sunday revival tent, this historic building
in a humble town halfway between Houston and Austin has become a destination
spot for music lovers, musicians of note, and for anyone who wants an
evening infused with the best kind of Texas hospitality.“- Erika Luckett – RIP

The Bugle Boy is a great place to communicate to your audience. It’s a perfect setting with great sound, state of the art acoustics, and friendly people in a down-home atmosphere.“- Terri Hendrix

They are so serious about the listening experience. They not only have a “silence you phone policy, but they even open your bag of chips in the front room and put them in a bowl so you don’t disturb the song“- Carolyn Wonderland

The Bugle Boy is my favorite little
concert hall in all of Texas”

– Woody Russell

“I love The Bugle Boy. It really is my favorite
little venue in the country.” – Carrie Rodriguez

It’s hard to name it and it has nothing to do with its size… but some rooms have it and some rooms don’t. The Bugle Boy has got it.“- Eliza Gilkyson


The Bugle Boy is a musical oasis, nurturing an audience that is both respectful and adventurous, willing to follow an artist in any direction they may wish to explore.” – A.J. Croce


Have you ever wondered how great the sound of an old Martin guitar would be if you could crawl inside? Attend any show at The Bugle Boy.  Then you’ll know.” – Donnie Blanz

I don’t really go to church but find my church in many different places and I definitely find it at The Bugle Boy.” – Cari Hutson

“[The Bugle Boy] is the kind of experience that bolsters my spirit in the ongoing adventure of touring. Such a sweet listening room with incredible sound and an enthusiastic audience. This place is a Texas gem”Dana Cooper

The Bugle Boy is my absolute favorite place”Ruben V

I love the Bugle Boy.  It’s an amazing little venue and one of the cooler places anywhere around.  I love the way they work, their non-profit status.  It is the kind of place that defines a community” 
– Radney Foster

Coming out to the Bugle Boy is always worth the trip. 
It’s where the music matters“- Ruthie Foster

The Bugle Boy is that rare venue where  it is more than a gig.  It is a musical sanctuary in the midst of an often chaotic world.  Even on the most hectic days, we are centered by Lane’s welcoming smile, flawless sound and volunteers eager to make us comfortable.  By the time we take the stage all of the elements are in place for a great show, which is what we always experience.  The audience takes their cue from the venue and is just as welcoming and respectful.  It’s simply…the best.
– Christine Albert (Albert & Gage) / Former Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Recording Academy.

Eighty seats and a whole lotta soul.“- Marcia Ball


The Bugle Boy is a place where music and intimacy get reconnected, where the art of the song is truly appreciated. It is a rare and beautiful thing when the artist and the listeners leave the concert feeling like old friends.” – Elizabeth Wills


Performing music in a 1940’s wooden floored dance hall that has been converted into a one-of-a-kind, intimate listening room makes singing at the Bugle Boy a rare treat in a world of idols and overblown pop. No frills, just a great soundman, Christmas lights twinkling from above, and a place to share my music: The Bugle Boy is Austin City Limits meets your living room. And I say: THANK GOD for it!
– Sara Hickman, 2010 Texas State Musicia

The Bugle Boy has cultivated a world class audience and was an absolute joy to play. See y’all again real soon!” – Lilli Lewis

Rooms like this are the reason we created the trio”
Mark Del Castillo of the internationally renowned Latin rock band Del Castillo (and the Del Castillo Trio).