Past Performers

"The Bugle Boy: the listening room we wish we could have in every town in America. Part neighborhood watering
hole, part Sunday revival tent, this historic building in a humble town halfway between Houston and Austin has
become a destination spot for music lovers, musicians of note, and for anyone who wants an evening
infused withthe best kind of Texas hospitality."- Erika Luckett - RIP

"The Bugle Boy is a great place to communicate to your audience. It's a perfect setting with great sound, state of the art acoustics, and friendly people in a down-home atmosphere."
- Terri Hendrix

"They are so serious about the listening experience. They not only have a "silence you phone policy, but they even open your bag of chips in the front room and put them in a bowl so you don't disturb the song"
- Carolyn Wonderland

"The Bugle Boy is my favorite little concert hall in all of Texas"
- Woody Russell

“I love The Bugle Boy. It really is my
favorite little venue in the county.” 
- Carrie Rodriguez