Free Program

Lifting Hearts and Spirits


As a lobby full of nursing home residents tap feet, keep time with their hands and sing along, the benefits of a live concert in a group setting cannot be overstated. The music helps dispel anxiety and alleviate a sense of loneliness and isolation.

The residents love to hear live music and these concerts provide an opportunity for them to interact with the musicians, request songs and some even sing though they may have trouble with ordinary conversation” – T.P., Schulenburg Regency


Nursing Home Concerts Supported at:

  • Monument Hill Nursing Home & Rehabilitation Center (La Grange, TX)
  • Care Inn of La Grange (La Grange, TX)
  • Jefferson Place (La Grange, TX)
  • Schulenburg Regency Nursing Center (Schulenburg, TX)
  • The Villas – Independent Living (Schulenburg, TX)

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