Meaningful Moments
This free program made possible by your contributions allows us to provide private concerts for the terminally ill.
As Ambassadors of Austin-based Swan Songs, we fulfill musical wishes at the end of life by organizing free private concerts for individuals with a terminal illness to include residents of Fayette County. A favorite style of music or musician is brought directly into the home, hospital or living facility allowing recipient, family and friends to focus beyond the illness and come together through the music. These concerts are often a family’s final meaningful time together with their loved one.

“These days Mom doesn’t remember when I visit. The morning after the concert she awoke humming and asking for ‘Cowboy George.’ Thank you for stimulating old memories and creating new ones of her favorite music. Thank you for honoring her well.” – Family Member

“The home concert for Mom was a blessing to us all… we are forever grateful for the gift of this experience& the memories we now cherish” – Daughter

“This is such an awesome program, and I truly appreciate the time you give to ensuring – from receipt of the request to completion of the concert- that the listeners are honored in such a way. Thank you again for all you do. You’re a gift!!” – Barb G. – Hospice S. TX Social worker

Donate today and keep the music in the air for members of our community whom are terminally ill.