Some quick videos:

How to login
How to Buy Tickets
How to create account

Written Instructions:

To login to your Bugle Boy Patron Account, choose the “account” option in the menu bar (orange arrow).

On the login page, enter your email address and password if you know it. If you made a donation in 2020, you were sent an email in January with a temporary password. If you’ve made a ticket purchase or a donation in 2021, an account was also created for you.  It’s important to note that all purchases & donations must be made under the same account for donations to be calculated properly (for families, you should pick one single login and share it). 

If you don’t know your password, don’t worry, it can be easily reset.

If you need to reset your password, click the “Lost your password link” (red arrow as seen above) and then enter your email address in the field and click the “Reset password” button. If you have an account with that email address, you will see a notification that an email has been sent with a new password (below, left).  If you do NOT have an account with that email, you will see the option to try again with a different email address (below, right).

Once you have logged in to your account there’s a variety of options within the portal.  

The Patron Recognition section includes information about your current recognition level and how you are credited on the page (orange box). 

If you need to change how you are recognized publicly you can click the “Donor Recognition” link (blue arrow).

This page also shows information on any VIP passes that you might have along with the current expiration date (green box).

To change the way you’re recognized on our site, enter your name or “Anonymous” in the box as shown below.  Make sure you click “Save” (blue arrow)!

If you have a VIP pass, you’ll be able to see all upcoming shows with early access tickets on the VIP Early Access Tickets. Click on the “Buy Tickets” link (red arrow) to be taken to the ticket selection page.

The “All Transactions” page shows all of your past transactions (within in our new system)-including both ticket purchases and donations. You can always refer here to see receipts and other details.

In order to save time when checking out on your future ticket orders, you can save your billing address (and Payment methods) in our system securely.