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Viewing & Chat tips!

Who gets the money?






























Upcoming Webcasts 
Tickets Available Day Of Show
Jackson Emmer Jan 24, 2020 8PM
Elizabeth Wills Jan 25, 2020 8PM
Jackie Venson Jan 31, 2020 8PM
Ray Prim Feb 1, 2020 8PM

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Helpful viewing & chat tips
- Just select your ticket level and watch the show.
-Be sure to check your email from and save your password (check junk, spam & promo folders for email).
- To maximize the video screen, click on the small square icon on the bottom right of video player.
  To to return to original size hit ESC on your keyboard or click on the small square icon on the bottom right of the maximized video.
- To chat, create a nick name or sign in with Twitter or Facebook.
  If you want your chat window to open in a separate screen, just click the little square on the bottom right next to the text box.
- If your player or chat seems hung up, just refresh your browser and the video will reload.
- Volume Issues: Do not scroll over video screen with your mouse, it will change your volume up and down.
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Who gets the money?
Artist gets 50%. The Bugle Boy Foundation keeps 50% to pay for costs associated with video streaming software, video service provider, bandwidth & high speed internet. Any Ticket level purchased is very much appreciated and will allow you to view the show.  If you want to give an extra Tip during the show, just click on the Tip Jar above right of the video player.   Note: just making a contribution from the Tip Jar does not buy you a ticket.
Happy viewing and thanks for joining us!.
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