Colorado Valley Public Radio Project

The Bugle Boy Foundation is now in the early stages of collaborating with Austin Airwaves, also a Texas non-profit tax-exempt (501c3) educational organization, in an effort to bring to our community a new full service non-commercial educational (NCE) FM radio station.

This has been a long-term process. Austin Airwaves originally applied for the license in October 2007. At that time, the FCC announced that it would accept applications for new full power NCE stations, virtually anywhere that they could still be squeezed on to the local radio dial. This was widely considered the "last call" for new full power non-commercial stations in the United States.

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Austin Airwaves is confident that it will shortly be issued a Construction Permit from the FCC, and The Bugle Boy will be their home.

While programming decisions are still a ways off (we have to build it first!), we are committed to providing much needed non-commercial community-based radio to our area.

Please check back often to keep up with our progress. There is much work to still do!