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Past Performers

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"Coming out to the Bugle Boy is always worth the trip.

It's where the music matters." - Ruthie Foster

"I love the Bugle Boy.  It's an amazing little venue and one of the cooler places anywhere around.  I love the way they work, their non-profit status.  It is the kind of place that defines a community" 
- Radney Foster


"The Bugle Boy is a musical oasis, nurturing an audience that is both respectful and adventurous, willing to follow an artist in any direction they may wish to explore." - A.J. Croce

"They are so serious about the listening experience. They not only have a "silence you phone policy, but they even open your bag of chips in the front room and put them in a bowl so you don't disturb the song"
- Carolyn Wonderland

“I love The Bugle Boy. It really is my favorite little venue in the county.” 
- Carrie Rodriguez

“The Bugle Boy is more than a gig.  It is a musical sanctuary in the midst of an often chaotic world.  Even on the most hectic days, we are centered by Lane’s welcoming smile, the flawless sound and volunteers eager to make us comfortable.  By the time we take the stage all of the elements are in place for a great show, which is what we always experience.  The audience takes their cue from the venue and is just as welcoming and respectful.  It’s simply…the best.” 

- Christine Albert/Albert & Gage, Former Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Recording Academy.

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