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Lane, Heather, and All, On behalf of the Green Apple Art Center and music lovers everywhere, I’d like to congratulate the Bugle Boy on 15 years of making a difference through the power that is music. The Bugle Boy is one of the standard bearers for quality live music in Texas, and as such has certainly been an inspiration to us in the tiny town of Eden, Texas. I find your venue sublime, your musical taste impeccable and your outreach most admirable. May you have many more years of sharing the transcendent power of song, and thanks for all you do. I hope to get back to LaGrange in the future. Please let me know if any of your are in Eden, or would ever wish to attend one of our events. Respectfully, Craig Pfluger Green Apple Arts Center Eden, TX
Thank you very much Lane! I really enjoyed the show last night! Sorry that I arrived late (via webcast) but I messed up with the time difference some way. My mistake! I was able to catch the show starting with the last two songs in the first set. I found out about the show from Carolyn Wonderland's post on Facebook about the livestream. Although the show was a lot of fun to watch, I also enjoyed watching the YouTube videos on your website about your mission and how you started the foundation, installing the theater seats, etc. and all the programs that are supported through the foundation. What an awesome group of people and tremendous efforts in supporting the community! I'm really impressed. It's been a long time since I visited Texas, but the next time I go, I will have to make a stop at The Bugle Boy to listen to some good music. Thanks again and good luck! Hope y'all have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Best regards, John
Dear, sweet Lane and all of my Bugle boy friends My life plan is to continue my support at the current level in perpetuity unless my circumstances improve and I could donate more. I'm enamored with your wonderful establishment and heartfelt love and commitment to providing our area with the very best in musical entertainment. From the moment I first stepped into the hall so many years ago, I've been smitten by what you provide and every time is make it out to a show I'm taken back to that first time and my memories swell. Although my time limits me to fewer shows these days, my love and appreciation for you all remains a star in my life and I am greater for it. Again, thank you all for all that you do for my home community. I'll see you all again shortly at Kat's show. Your patron and friend mike
I enjoy learning different styles of playing music. Worked hard over the years to be a versatile musician, it pays to be well rounded. Also it's got me outta my comfort zone and be liberating in my own mind. Great program, I encourage other vets to plug in and get real. Kudos Veterans songwriters! 👍
One of the best venues for listening to music and you can beat the friendliness of the staff.
So glad yall are here in the area so that we can enjoy some great music. We enjoyed Gurf Morlix with a nice bottle of wine! Will be back soon for sure!!
We would love to come there with Neal Ford and friends and see them here, I know they would be a big hit.
Smitten is about the only word to describe how I felt during my first show at the Bugle Boy, plastic folding chairs and all, oh so many years ago now. Sara Hickman, the first of my many shows, was a sort of home coming for me, as I'd been a fan for a couple of decades at that point, as well as having recently seen her perform in downtown Austism. I was so struck by the sheer beauty of the experience, when Lane informed me that the new theater seating was due in the next week, I immediately ponied up my assistance, and came in to help. Almost a decade later, I still attend as may shows as I can make, as well as having become a "Producer" at my donation contribution level. Every show is a fresh, lifelong memory for me, and my experience here has only been enhanced by those beautiful people who run and manage this incredible venue. Thank you Lane, Mamma, Chuck, David, Heather, Margo, and all my beautiful friends at the Bugle Boy......... See you all September 15th for my birthday weekend concert.
Hi. Just got my tickets to see Warren Hood. Very excited about that. Do have a small bone to pick with you, though. He's won best strings 8 years in a row in the Chronicle now, not 3. Really excited about your venue.
Congrats on the new website.
Looks great and up coming talent is exciting. Wish I lived in La Grange. Love you all.
Congratulations on getting the new website up and running. We always look forward to listening to music at The Bugle Boy. The best place ever for happy sounds and great people. Thanks to Lane and crew for keeping us in the live music world.
I am new to the Smithville area and ran across your website while looking for live music in the area. What a pleasurable find! I cannot wait for my first visit to the listening room. I'm even thinking about volunteering...and I haven't even attended an event there (yet!). Kudos for all you do~
What a wonderful place to listen to great muscians! We saw Chubby Knuckle Choir and would love to see them here again!
Last night was our 1st time at the Bugle Boy,but Definitely not our last.staff was awesome and the music was music venue we have been to in ages.
I was at your Elizabeth Wills concert tonight...two things...a great program and outreach that you have and what a great performance by Elizabeth and her accompanist, Kristen. Don Swofford Bellair Farm Charlottesville, VA
My friend suzie janzek from sealy Tx had your club building logo on her fb page & I asked her about this place and she told me a bit and to google y'all..which I I really want to see this place for myself! Your website made a good impression on me! I love to listen to new bands and inspired artists! Keep it up! Y'all sound soo Amazeballs! I hope to see y'all one day! Thanks for taking the time to read this!
Looking forward to hearing Haley Cole
Great show last night. The Chubby Knuckle Choir were amazing. Do you archive the shows that you broadcast? It would be great to see them online. Thank you and keep up the good work!
WOW!!!! Brought my daughter to see Max Stalling for her 15th birthday and what a show it was! The Bugle Boy is a wonderful listening room that makes you feel like a member of the family. Thank you for the hospitality!
Thank you so much for the Bugle Boy! We really enjoyed Butch Hancock & Jimmy Dale Gilmore. We look forward to coming back. Have you ever had Wayne "the Train" Hancock at the Bugle Boy? If you have not heard of him, google him and listen to "Thunderstorms & Neon Signs". Thanks again for your's & everyone's work.....God Bless, John, Sue, & John Jr.
Thank you so much for the Bugle Boy! We really enjoyed Butch Hancock & Jimmy Dale Gilmore. We look forward to coming back. Have you ever had Wayne "the Train" Hancock at the Bugle Boy? If you have not heard of him, google him and listen to "Thunderstorms & Neon Signs". Thanks again for your's & everyone's work.....God Bless, John, Sue, & John Jr.
I have an Applause / Ovation acoustic guitar I would like to donate to your music program. Please advise how the best way to get the instrument to you. Thanks -
Hey, Lane. I love what y'all are doing in your community. Keep up the good work. Even up here in the cooler NW, I am a big supporter of "the little guy" or the independent musicians that are trying to make it in the world. Everyone starts that way before they make the big bucks! love ya girl.
Watching Kiya and Christa tonight from Louisville, KY!
Lane and crew! That was such an incredible performance of "Crazy Love" With John Fulbright and Woody Russel. I'm so sad we missed it! We are very thankful for your work and organization!
Great news! Please put me on your email list. Would like to be a supporter. This is just the thing Round Top needs.
Great Idea to stream live!!! Thank you.
Girls, I'm listening live to your show at the Bugle Boy. Thanks for letting me know. I had a great time visiting you in Austin. I hope my next visit will be sooner. Love from Alaska, Daddy Bill
Thanks again for putting out the webcast of Marcia and Johnnie
Thanks so much for putting on Marcia and Johnny
Enjoying my first ever live stream concert! Thanks Bugle Boy ! (From Corpus. Christi)
Enjoying the Shake Russel / Michael Hearne show through web Live to North Carolina! Thank You!
Morning from Bonn Thank you for the wonderful broadcast this morning…. Saw Kevin in Bakkeveen Holland Friday the 13th of April this year….Unlucky….NOT AT ALL…. Was a 3.5 hour drive…so getting up at 3am wasn’t out of the question… With the time difference don’t know how often we will check in again to watch…but BE ASURED we will be telling all our friends in the states about the Bugle Boy…. MANY THANKS….& Great Success Rip Deverman
Great Idea to stream live!!! Thank you. Not as good as being there but sound is great and I'm enjoying the entertainment. Thank you
Watching Taylor Pie and Michael O'Connor via the Concert Window stream. It looks and sounds good! I'm probably gonna have to cut out before y'all finish up but am so glad for the chance to tune in for even an hour or so. Thanks for streaming! (Watching from N. Austin, by the way.)
Greetings from Uncle Calvin's! Glad to see you guys hooked up with the Concert Window folks (we tried, but they said we don't do enough shows). Excellent picture and sound, and I love all the folks on the bill today. Y'all are doing a great job! -mike
I can only watch the first set of your broadcast today, but thoroughly enjoyed it! As Kirk noted, likewise here in Falls Church, VA, the quality of sound, video and performers are all excellent! And nice hearing Kat Edmondson in the background there, but have to run now. Look forward to seeing other shows from your venue.
It is exciting to access the first live streaming broadcast from the Bugle Boy. The quailty of the performers, the video and audio are excellent. I look forward to future broadcasts when I can't make it to the Bugle Boy. Thanks for staying ahead of the times! Kirk & Judy
Saturday April 14 was my first visit. This was the best sound of Ruben V i have experienced. All the different sounds of Gabe Herrera, his percussionist, were clear and crisp. His talent was never more evident than with what i heard tonight at The Bugle Boy. Of course anyone familiar with him are fully aware of what Ruben brings to the table of music. However, I have not experienced that table set with such a rich and pure feast for the ears. The beauty generated by the nimble fingers of Ruben was at its extreme emotional experience. Each note pulled and every stretched string was at its truest to the passion of the artist. The stories of how life's love and spirit moved the artist to compose his songs was both amusing and charming. Everyone in attendance was thankful for the gift of two hours with Ruben V. Watch your calendar for his return to set aside your time early. Surely the next time will be a packed house.
The Colorado Valley Dark-Sky Explorers would like to thank all of you who attended our showing of The City Dark on Sunday at the Bugle Boy. We hope that you enjoyed the film and gained some very valuable information along the way as we take steps to preserve the dark skies we have in and around Fayette County. Our group will continue to open a dialogue with citizens, local officials and utilities about this issue and the benefits of utilizing responsible outdoor lighting, and are hopeful you will spread the word as well. Please let us know if we can help you in any way or if you would like to help us in educating and informing our community. Also, please help support The Bugle Boy which performs such a vital community service in raising awareness about so many esoteric yet significant issues to all of us; and provides us with such top-notch performing artists. We are extremely lucky to have a venue like The Bugle Boy in our community. Thanks once again and please do not hesitate to contact us with questions, comments or feedback. Best, CVDExplorers
The first time I visited The Bugle Boy, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I’d never been to a ‘listening room’. IT WAS AWESOME! The place is small and intimate so you’re close to the band and the sound is absolutely fantastic. Most of the staff are volunteers which speaks volumes about the place. The owner, Lane, appreciates each and every guest and makes them feel welcome. It’s like she knows they’re about to experience something way different from any bar or concert venue and I think that brings her a great deal of peace and contentment which, in turn, is reflected in every aspect of The Bugle Boy. That place just had this cool, calm, laid back aura and vibe that you’ll fall in love with. You really have to check it out. And if you get a chance, go see Woody Russell; he plays there from time to time. His musical style and talent is beyond anything I could begin to put into words. It’s so incredible to see and hear his band play. He’s just…wow! I’ve seen a number of shows at The Bugle Boy and have immensely enjoyed every one. It’s a bit of a drive from Cedar Park to LaGrange… and worth every bit of it.
Hi Lane, Just want to send a BIG thank you to you and your volunteers for your wonderful hospitality and for providing one of the most enjoyable experiences we've had so far screening the movie. You guys are the best. It felt like home the minute we walked in the door. Thankyouthankyouthankyou... All good wishes, Jim Barham Fair Retail Films For The Sake Of The Song Ghost Ranch Films
Dear Lane and Pete, Pat and the other beautiful woman helping last night, I don't know How To Say, with brevity, anything. But I'll try. I just sent a long letter to the guys about last night, about what a great job they did. Today I'm just overfull with joy and gratitude. Lane, and all of you, your venue, The Bugle Boy, is magical. But I know it's not just the swirling mass of creative juju that's settled amidst the coffee-flavoring bottles and hemp t-shirts, the stage lights and the cup-holders. It's all the little decisions and big sacrifices that you've made over seven years' time to create a space that as a performing artist, I call Heaven. I can see in every square inch of the place the love that's been poured into a vision that shimmers this day, and I wish there was one of those big, pointing-fingers positioned in the sky, all lighted up that you could see from Tulsa or Tucumcari, with a sign in gold letters, shining ethereally, that reads "Listen." But I think that Listen must be another word for Grace. It is awesome, and I don't mean that in the trite, culturally clever way we throw the word around nowadays, what you have created. I knew it the first time I came to play, way back when, when I was even greener and more shy, but could feel the love just the same. And last night I felt doted on and fussed over like a Queen with a cold. It made it possible for me to come out of myself and enjoy being in the moment. Sing and play, focus and immerse, screw up and soar. Pete, your ears are the best of any soundman's I've known since starting to play rooms that have dedicated sound systems and techs. You're the best. Bar none. Thanks to all of you for making it so easy to pull the songs out of my heart instead of my head.
What a pleasant evening we had at the Bugle Boy listening to Greg Whitfield and Mark Dotson. The music was fantastic and the atmosphere even better. Who would imagine such a wonderful venue that close to home. A special thanks to all of the volunteers that helped make that night, and each night there, happen.
What a wonderful opportunity to experience musical artistry in an intimate setting. I felt like I was sitting in a private space with 50 of my friends, all of whom loved the music and were respectful to the artist. Bugle Boy is a great place to listen and be more deeply engaged with a musical group. We will be returning again and again. Betsy Gerdeman Senior Vice President KLRU-TV, Austin PBS
"I was so glad to hear the Bugle Boy will present 'Before the Music Dies.' It's an eye-opening film which lays out many of the broken elements of today's music industry very clearly. It will leave you with many questions, but the Bugle Boy itself, guided by Lane's vision, represents one beautiful answer. It is more than a venue, it is a platform that elevates the audience and artist alike to create an extraordinary experience for everyone. The world really needs more places like that."
Hi Lane! My family was at the show case yesterday on 3/21/10, and I wanted to thank you all for a great experience and a fun afternoon! What a great place! My daughter Molli participated in the show case and we look forward to returning with her and next time having her older sister participate too. We have been blessed with children with God given talent and you have provided a wonderful place for them to grow and share! We met many wonderful supportive artists as well. Thanks!
Thrilled to plan a trip to Austin, the heartland of good music, we were then overjoyed to travel to La Grange to see the peerless Eliza Gilkyson and Mike Hardwick in the intimate cosy club that is The Bugle Boy; a warm welcome awaited from Lane and the crew, comfy seats, Texas beer from a nearby brewery, and a friendly music savvy crowd...all of which is much appreciated and we shall return! Keep up the good work Buglers - and to all who live anywhere near or far, lucky us! Clive & Jeannie, London UK, January 2010.
Congrats on the new theatre seats! Well done Lane. Hope I manage to fill a few of them when I play the Bugle Boy in November. Looking forward to it -- thanks so much! Cheers, Sarah McQuaid
Dear Lane and gang, Congratulations on the changes you've made to an already spectacular listening room. And we thought it couldn't get any better... We are grateful for your tireless support, boundless generosity, endless advocacy, warmth, friendship and a fabulous technical and aesthetic playground. We appreciate the sacrifices you have made in creating this amazing gift to the music community. Thank you for having the most wonderful sound man, the most delightful staff, the best fans and afficionados-you are a treasure! Peace and love, April + Sugar Bayou
To Lane, the Board and all the wonderful volunteers at the Bugle Boy. Thank you so much for sharing this video. Congratulations on the new seating. You all have done a wonderful job of making the Bugle Boy such a welcoming place that it is impossible for even casual patrons like myself to not feel a small bit of ownership and a great deal of pride in your accomplishments. The Bugle Boy is such a jewel and raises the bar for all venues. It is not only the best listening room in Texas, it's the most friendly and NOW the most comfortable. Best wishes for your continued success in 2010 and for many years to come. Your fan in San Antonio, Janet Hans Urban Campfires Big Wide Grin
Hey Lane-- Just wanted you to know that we really loved the hospitality that you folks spread out over there in La Grange. My wife, son, and myself loved the Hamilton Loomis show and loved your venue. I've got a short review of the show on my blog, called: Keep doing what your doing! See ya-- Ricky B
Lane, You are the Amy Kurland that all of us were looking for. Just think of what you've done. You built that place with your own hands, presented a range of music with widely diverse perspectives, from way right Donnie Blanz to way left Janis Ian and you did it all in that little Texas town that was only known before for that, "...uh-haw-haw," song. You are the blessing my dear friend and all of us are thankful that God sent you. Donnie Blanz
Lane, I can also honestly say that I can't remember spending a more enjoyable afternoon. The Janis Ian concert was great, the atmosphere, as always, was warm and intimate--we left feeling like we had spent the day with a room full of friends that we had known forever. Congratulations on accomplishing something truly wonderful. Sincerely, Connie
Folks, If you don't already know Lane and the Bugle Boy I highly recommend taking the time for a road trip to La Grange. Lane is a jewel and has a way of making everyone feel welcome and the Bugle Boy is everything they say, The Best Little Listening Room in Texas. She has done an incredible job creating a space that is comfortable for everyone involved.... artist and audience. Who knew that La Grange TX was this cool? Janet Urban Campfires San Antonio
I've heard about you from a friend in Schulenburg who's told me wonderful things about the performances there. I love the idea of a "listening room" where one can actually hear the music and not loud conversation....I can't wait to see for myself on my next visit! I wish San Francisco had something like this.... Dennis Knebel
I have played in coffee houses in Denver, Louisiana, and Texas for over 35 years and it was an refreshing surprise to discover the Bugle Boy, and it's serious committment to good live music, particularly to the songwriters. Although I've only played there once, I look forward more visits in the future. Thank you Lane (and contributors) for making this fine place a musical and cultural reality. Jim Stricklan Austin, TX
Sorry I haven't been by in a while, but I hope to correct that in the near future. My best. Roy
The new website is COOL!!! Keep up the good work and the great music!
Lane and gang, The website is really looking good. Very professional - Loved the KXAN spotlight and the preview of what a visit to The Bugle Boy has to offer. It's wonderful to have such talented and enthusiastic people coming to our community and sharing. Keep up the good work!
My husband, some friends, and I made the trek up from Houston to visit The Bugle Boy and were thrilled with what a treat it was! We hope to make it back soon! Thanks for such a special opportunity!
My wife and I moved to the LaGrange area a year ago from Atlanta, where we might go to live music performances three or four times a year. Now we find ourselves at the Bugle Boy two or three times a month THOROUGHLY enjoying great music in an intimate setting. What a treasure!
After attending our first listening concert several years ago at TBB, it quickly became our favorite place to listen to live music. The intimate setting with the performers is like having them in your own private living room. And Lane keeps the "listeners" in line so that everyone can enjoy the music. Close up seating, attentive listeners, no smoking, outstanding performers, good prices - what's there not to like? We look forward to our weekly email to see who's playing. The new website is Outstanding! Keep up the good work, Lane and volunteers!
We had a blast at the Bugle Boy listening to Betty Soo and Mike Blackwell. It was an experience that we will remember forever!! It was a wonderful anniversary spent. We can't wait to come back and hear more artist!! You guys welcomed us like family and we want to thank you for that!! Love you guys, Mark and Erin
What a cool evening "gitaway" in the fierce Texas heat! Even though I ended up having to solo from Houston it was more than worth it to meet the friendly folks at the Bugle Boy and to hear Jimi Lee. I really appreciated the ambiance of listening at the Bugle Boy.
Had a wonderful time last weekend at the Bugle Boy. Absolutely worth the trip from Fort Worth, TX. Terrific music. Friendly, warm reception from the owner and volunteers. I plan to come back in August. You are a fantastic discovery!
Lane...your venue did not disappoint! Great night with The Stone Coyotes. We will be back, but without the cumbersome RV *S*. Also... the best malt I've had in many years. Thanks for being there.
without a doubt, one of the finest places to hear live music - almost like being in your own living room - i had the opportunity to perform there a couple of months back and it was a great experience
Lane, I had such a great time this weekend. Eliza, then Terri and Lloyd. Wow, Can it get any better? Your venue is just fantastic. The respect that is given to the artists and patrons is second to none. I will be back and will let others know of your place.. Kudo's, Rick
Lane, We enjoyed your website and think you are doing a great job. Hope it will always be successful and wishing you the best of everything. Hope to see you soon one of these days.
We had been looking at your website for weeks wishing that you weren't two hours away. We finally sucked it up and made the trip. At the end of the drive we found a perfect environment for anyone who loves live music. It was like hanging out in your own living room, except the offerings of both frosty adult beverages and finely brewed joe are better than in your own kitchen. And a "no talking" policy? Woooo hoooo! You must really love music! Our almost perfect trip was ruined when on our drive home we figured out we had left our visa at The Bugle Boy which was 60 miles behind us. But a quick phone call had Lane assuring us she had our card and would get it back to us. Just two days later an envelop from The Bugle Boy arrived with the visa, just in time to start holiday shopping! Many thanks to Lane and her team for the energy it must take to run a place so committed to quality live music. And much appreciation for fixing a problem we created! That's the type of service that is rare and something to be proud of. Looking forward to visiting again soon.
Lane, What an inviting venue and staff you have! Mary Cutrufello was superb (as always)--Thank you for having her! Great to meet all of you....we'll be back
Hi Lane, Just wanted to let you know how VERY much I enjoyed seeing Patrice Pike last Friday night at The Bugle Boy. As always, she was awesome, but seeing her at your venue was a very special experience. This was my first trip to The Bugle Boy, but it definitely will not be my last! I loved the place--its energy, the intimate setting, and the friendly people. I can assure you I will be back often! You can guarantee that I will be there any time Patrice plays! I'll bring my "posse" next time! I'll be telling all of my friends what an incredible place you have! See you soon! Take care, Beth
The Bugle Boy feels like home, no matter who is playing on stage. Thanks for bringing the warmth and incredible sounds of this place to the YouTube world. Now, we can get our Bugle Boy fix online until the next time we're able to get to LaGrange! -- the "San Antonio girls"
Lane, Pat, Pete, Charlotte, Saturday night was our 5th visit to The Bugle Boy and, as always, we loved it! The quality of the talent, the friendliness and professionalism of all of you, and, especially, the great sound of the house has made for a great experience every time. I spread the word at every opportunity and I know I'm not the only evangalist for The Bugle Boy, so hopefully the crowds will grow. Thanks again for a great listening room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Milton & Anna Wilson Houston & Round Top
Lane, over the last 4 months we have visited the Bugle Boy once or twice a week. We have not been disappointed-Your talent is outstanding----Even acts we have never heard of excel. Today I looked at our Bastrop paper and saw our entertainment section highlighting you and this Saturdays's show featuring Albert and Gage. It is sbout time. Bugle Boy and your outstanding staff is finally being recognized by the rest of central Texas. Lane; In todays hectic world, people need something to look forward to. It is attending your venues that really highlight our lives. I guess we are just damn lucky to have you and the Bugle Boy. Others will follow us as you grow--It is just the beginning, Lane--- Thank You for being there for us--Janet and Mac
Dear Lane, I just wanted to express again, what a wonderful time we had at the Bugle Boy. The people we met were so much fun, and the artist you had was extremely talented. Robert Frith is a true entertainer. The friend who was with me is a very talented writer. She wrote a blog about our trip to Schulenburg and, of course, part of it is about The Bugle Boy. If you care to read it, her blog is at and she writes under "jazzidiom", scroll down to "What a Life". (The Bugle Boy site won't allow me to post her web address.) She also posted some pictures she took. Again, we had a great time on Friday night and plan to make the trip again some time. Thanks for all your hard work and great hospitality! Sincerely, Kaylyn Groves
Lane, I loved your Sydney Smith quote,
Sat. 9th Your in for a treat this evening with Hamilton Loomis. Never miss him when he's in the area. Have property in your area and will check in on a regular basis. Craig, League City
Dear Lane and friends, Its the McCrackens again--If we had a choice of Jimmy Buffet or Lary Joe Taylor coming to your Bugle Boy, it would now be LJT. After seeing him and group perform Friday night, we experienced a genuine entertainer. The Bugle Boy is a "Laid Back" venue and so was LJT. We felt we were at Shorty's or the beach at Port A. Friday night we listened and did we ever listen. Lane--You Know how to book em'. And as our friend Gillian states, " I could come and just sit in the Buggle Boy, even if no act is there. "Yall" are appreciated--I think we now will "coast' on down to the coast. Janet and Mac
CONGRATULATIONS. I just read the article in Texas Music (Spring 07 issue). That is one fantastic article. And you deserve the great review. It's been a long road but I'm so happy and proud to see such great progress. The Bugle Boy is finely getting it just recognition. Keep up the music coming. See you all soon. Richard Goswick
Lane , Your place is addictive. Over the past few weeks we have seen, Sugar Bayou, Gerry O'Bierne, Storyhill, and just last friday those two grat ladies who kept us laughing along with their vocals. We will be there Friday to see Rex perform. Lane, When we are at the Bugle Boy, we forget about the outside world. You and staff are so acconodating to all. You are going to get tired of seeing us every week, but you can not beat it for genuine entertainment. It sure tops going to a movie for the same price. In this day and age one has to look foreward to something--Its the Bugle Boy for us.
Just purchased the C-D Live at The bugle boy, Enjoying the music and will look foward to future C-D Volume 2.If we are ever passing through we would be sure to put The Bugle Boy on our list of places to visit.
Hi Lane! It was great to see you last Sat. night. Wish we could have seen the entire performance. I just wanted you to know that John and I love your new CD "Live At the Bugle Boy", Vol. 1! We've played it several times. What a wonderful accomplishment to you and all the others who made it possible. We're looking forward to Volume 2! We'll see you soon and Merry Christmas!!! Love, Judy & John
Went to your place for the first time a few weeks ago (Steven Fromholz and Vince Bell) and really enjoyed the performances and your music venue. I'm from Houston and go to local places like the Mucky Duck and Anderson Fair as well as travelling to Crockett, TX occasionally and visiting Camp Street Cafe there where the Gillette Bros do a fantastic job (just as you have done). The small music venues are great!
Thanks for all you're doing to make things happen at the BB. All your energy and love was so evident Saturday night with Ruthie and the great audience. I was invited by Brett and Karen at the last minute with " you won't be disappointed!" I was very blessed by the night...just what I needed. Now that I have been "to the mountain", I will surely return. Have a great Christmas and a happy Holiday!! Herb Agan
Lane, Thanks for the great CD, Live at the Bugle Boy volume 1. I can't seem to stop listening to it. The music and words fill me with love and inspiration. Looking forward to volume 2. You're an extraordinary woman with a remarkable way of seeing above and beyond what is ordinary. Warm hugs, Diane
Hi back in Norway now. Will always remember the special atmosphere and the unreal hospitality of the hosts and guests at the Bugle Boy. We ended up there by chance, now we are very grateful we did. Will never forget it! Merry Xmas everybody !! Best Regards Tor (one of the norwegians)
Hey! Had a marvelous time covering the Stone Coyotes Sunday! Hope you enjoyed them too. That placed rocked with great tunes!!! I'll send ya some killer pics down the line..........lookin' forward to seeing you in the future at a very unique venue! God Bless, Eddie "Edge" Ferranti Houston Music Review
Lane, I came up for the Antique Festival in Round Top, but I have to say my best find was The Bugle Boy. I love the atmosphere, the concept, and what amazing talent. I was introduced to the wonderful talents of Sharon Bousquet, Kim Miller, and Richard Bowden. Please put me on the mailing list and I will keep checking the website. Outstanding! Dee Dee Guest
Lane, I want to thank you for having me at The Bugle Boy. I've played thousands of gigs across the U.S. and Europe but I've never played in such a unique and intimate setting. The Bugle Boy is really in a class by itself! Please keep me in mind for your 2007 calendar. Again, thank you and the best of luck to The Bugle Boy and to you personally. Regards, Whitey Conwell
Was looking around on the BB website because it's been just way toooo long since my ears(& spirit) have had a fix!I am planning on planting myself at the BB soon! Also, I wanted to say "Howdee-doodle" to Ms. Ronnie in NY! We have some great photos of you in your bright red top hat with your red lipstick on, the night of the Dr. Kracker debut. Also some great photos with THE Dr. Kracker, for you, Lane. (Great photo of Roy, too!) I'll make my way to one of those photo copy machines with my CD and send ya'll some prints. (or hand deliver?) All the Love and Light~~Debbie (Duck) Collier w/Tres Lunas
HOWDY!!!!!!!! This is Roni the loveable barista in Manhattan baby! I just wanted to say hi to all my friends down south. To tell Pete he's still weird, Pat S we're still red headed step children, and Lane to keep that tiny corner of La Grange insane, but most importantly to tell you that I love you all and miss you and this 14 year old doesnt forget you.Also to any newbies reading this the bugle boy IS the hippest, coolest, swankest, most totally awesome spot in texas and you better get yourself down there before the show is sold out and you miss all the beer, coffe, jokes, music, fun, and all around good time. over and out. Truly yours, Roni Sanford
If you have made the Round Top Register -- the world's greatest local newspaper -- you have truly "made it." Nancy and I laugh out loud reading this wonderful journalistic stuff....
Hi Lane! We really enjoyed seeing you and getting to see Tracie Lynn again. She
Simply: The Bugle Boy is the Best in our area! Best: * listening room * best sound system * best selection of artists Thanks for being here and staying so dependable.....
How does the Bugle Boy attract the "creme de la creme" for your listening pleasure? It is all about sound. Readers, if you think you have heard your favorite muscian at their best, wait until you have heard them at the Bugle Boy! The sound quality of the room is unparrelled. Combine that with the attention to detail provided to the artist by the sound master Pete and festive mood that erupts when Lane and her staff work their charm, the Bugle Boy provides a listening experience that New Yorkers can only dream about. You get the sound quality of Carnegie Hall, with the intimacy of your living room.
Lane, I can
Hey was at your place to view plumtucker and wow i must say you have a great place there! I think its wonderful how you open your doors to young artist mostly to give them a shot! I will be back for more. I know that i did not like the bar thing any more and its hard to go to a bar with a band playing and having to deal with the drunks!! Even though i did have 2 wonderful glassies of wine!!!!!! You have a great enviornment there and it is very warm and open feeling! Great job and thankyou so much for offering a place for people with a strong love for music! I am mostly a folk bluegrass and celtic listiner but am always open for new things. I belive the name of the woman working was Lane and i must say her voice sounds so relaxing to us! She did a great job and sounds like she should be a radio DJ! Take care and thanks for the wonderful spot! -MIKE-
Lane, Well last night was great, as usual. The Bugle Boy is a wonderful place to come to listen to amazing talent and we have been very pleased to become one of your regulars. The sound system and Pete make such a difference in the music quality. And your wait staff is such a pleasure to be around. Keep up the good work. We can't wait to get there again....
Hello from Ireland, Just a quick note to say how much I am enjoying your podcasts. Great shows and great taste in terms of the artists you have at your venue. Many happy hours of listening here! Many thanks, Patrick Hurley Dublin, Ireland
Hi Lane, We came over from Austin a few weeks ago to see Buddy Mondlock and we will be talking about that night for a long time to come. Getting to see Buddy live is always wonderful. Getting to see Buddy at The Bugle Boy was sublime. What a fantastic place you've created! The best sounding, most comfortable and friendliest venue any of us have ever been to! An easy drive from Austin too. We are telling everyone we know about The Bugle Boy. Thanks for the hospitality and a very memorable night of music.
Lane - I just spent a wonderful 5 days at a songwriting workshop with Jimmie Dale Gilmore. I told him about the Bugle Boy, and he said that was twice in two days he had heard something good about LaGrange. I told him what a great place the Bugle Boy is to play music and listen to music, and that I thought he would like to play there. What do you think? I bet you could book him. Let me know, I will volunteer, put up chairs and pick up trash, whatever. Ellen Prewett 979 540 8748
Hey there! We just love the Bugle Boy and were blessed to experience it once again this last Saturday for the Mad Agnes show. What an amazing trio - such tight harmonies and beautifully written songs! As usual, Lane was there with her warm smile to greet us. :-) If you haven't yet been to the Bugle Boy, we urge you to get there as soon as possible. It's worth the drive from San Antonio, Austin, Houston, or even New York! There are plenty of bed and breakfasts to suit your needs if you don't want to drive home after the show and you'll find lots to do and see around town any day of the week (check out the chamber of commerce website for more info). The Bugle Boy rocks! We'll be back soon! Thanks, Jessica and Lisa
Hello Lane. We just got home from Eliza Gilkyson's wonderful show at the Bugle Boy. What a delightful afternoon. we will definitely be back to the Bugle Boy for more music. Thanks! suzanne and richard, Houston TX
We were there last night to hear Storyhill...GREAT concert as usual, guys! LOVED the Bugle Boy--first time there. Also LOVED Amy Speace and bought her album. Can't wait to go back! Thanks for a great evening.
Eliza G! As my sportswriter buddy likes to say, "That was a monster!" The BB is filling a big live-music jones for this guy and Fayette County. Right on, Lane, keep 'em coming.
Bonjour, I just wanted to THANK YOU GUYS for having kellye Gray. I've known kellye for 17 years and hadn't seen her preform since 1998. I just wanted to let you know how much i enjoyed your establishment. Take Care... RICHIE WILLIAMS
My husband, Ron, and I met up with the Ducketts, Peter Lott & Vicki Landers to see the Sherpas on Sun. Just wanted to tell you that I have been bragging on The Bugle Boy ever since. It's an exceptional venue with great seating, sound, service AND air conditioning that really works (very important to us middle-aged gals!). It's a long drive but worth it. Thanks again for coming to work on your day off! Hopefully we can catch another show real soon - your schedule is impressive. Eddie
We live in Houston, weekend in Fayetteville and the only reason we go to La Grange is for the music and company at the Bugle Boy!
Earlier in the week (Wednesday), the wife and I trekked out to LaGrange (which Charlie Robison - speak of the devil - said was too damn hot! - and it was!, but we were thankfully inside) to the Bugle Boy coffeehouse and music venue to hear Louisiana refugee and former Bostonian (though not a sports fan!) Mary Gauthier. I went because Gurf Morlix produced her last two CD's and Gurf does not waste his time with inferior talent. Mary had picked up a German guitarist (whom she ran into in Nashville) named Tom Jutz, and man was he good - some riffs reminded me of Buddy Miller! More storyteller than singer, Gauthier admitted her perplexity that conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham (who does have breast cancer) has featured Mary's new CD Mercy Now on her own website. Then she sang the song, and shugged her shoulders (I figure anyone with breast cancer needs a little mercy). But then Laura also plugs guys like Slaid Cleaves and Bob Schneider. She LIKES Austin music, and who knows - if she moved here she might have to change her politics. I presume Mary's scheduled show at Shady Grove the next night may have been canceled due to the huge downpour that finally broke our 35-day drought. So we were very fortunate to get to hear her in what may be one of the finest music venues for acoustic music this side of Anderson Fair. Lane Gosnay and Christie Claxton (a singer-songwriter herself) run the place, serve good lattes, good wines, and even a little beer and other stuff for the folks, and one of their finest customers has just built a nice patio out back for the smoking society. Inside, I am reminded of the Carousel (similar roof lines), but with a huge difference. No one talks during the songs, everyone's eyes are glued on the performers, and you can hear every word and every note because you are in a room that seats 80 (some very comfortably in couches you may have to reserve early) and you are always close to the action. If folks can drive to Gruene Hall or Alice's Restaurant or even Poodies or (god forbid!) Johnny Nicholas' Hilltop Cafe, they can drive to LaGrange and be very very very satisfied. Patrice Pike is one of many who will perform there later this year, but I would recommend Eric Taylor on August 13! Duggan's Music blog can be read at
Thank you Lane & Christy. What a treat to hear Sharon Bousquet's beautiful voice and amazing guitar in a gorgeous acoustic environment. The Bugle Boy is truly a listening room par excellence. I'd fly out from California again to hear Sharon at the Bugle Boy. Sign me up for the next show!
We can hardly come up with adequate accolades for the Bugle Boy. Let's start with "the best acoustics we have ever experienced." Add to that the easy drive to La Grange, hassle-free parking, wonderful coffees and smoothies made in the blender with a silencer (thank you for that, Lane and Christy!)-- and fine wines and imported beers. Once you discover the Bugle Boy it will be one of your favorite venues. If you can't make it to our show, please be sure to visit the website and choose another evening to attend from the top-notch performers listed on the calendar. We bet that you will become a regular once you hear how good music can sound in an intimate concert hall which creates its own "surround sound." For more information and listings, visit We hope to see you soon! Ann, Billie and Debbie
hi, honey! i'm sorry i didn't write sooner but we had to hit the ground running just as soon as we got back. i don't think i'm going to fully land and deflate until after the july 4th weekend, when things get back to normal: the residency will be overwith and we'll be in the studio, working on new songs. that's why christy's song request was so timely. i can't thank you enough for letting me sing in your lovely space. both of you were so kind and hospitable to us and made us feel so welcome. it was the genuine warm southern connection i was looking for when i found you all on the 'net. (!!!) i know it's not happening on christy's porch anymore, but it really does feel like a true home away from home. and the audience! i loved every single one of them -- especially that pat! i'll let you know what dates we have available in the next week or so. i'm thinking late september/early october. and this time, i'm making sure that we're going to be on jody denberg's show performing live, so we can talk about you ladies all we want, and he can't stop us! love and grits, baby-- your fan queen esther
seriously-- your place has become my favorite place to see a show.
Ladies, Just wanted to say "Thanks" for a very enjoyable evening last night. We came with Suzanne and Melissa to hear Zoe and visit your neat coffee house. We had a great time and plan on returning. Pat and Dolores
Hope you both are doing well - we miss our time with you, and can only hope our travels bring us to your neck of the woods sooner than later.
LaGrange is a good B&B place to go on weekends, especially now that we all know you and what you & Christy are pulling off, making the live music scene come alive. I've always thought a coffee house would be a superb "cosmic" crossroads--you just never know who'll walk thru the door, like the saloons of the old West. A space where synchronicity can happen. Take care, will stay in touch, Love, Knoelbaby Babin
Hi Lane, In the acoustics department you have one of the finest music venues around--if not THE finest. (you can quote Tres Lunas on that one!) I think our show at Bugle Boy may have been the first time we Lunas actually got to enjoy riding the sound waves with the audience. We usually just have faith that those speakers (which we cannot hear) deliver lovely sounds which are nothing like what the monitors on stage provide. But Bugle Boy's frame structure resonates like a big speaker and transports everyone in the room, including performers, on an uplifting audio "ride," gently delivering each listener back to their seat between tunes. Your house rule silencing cel phones and chatter creates a concert atmosphere but not a stifling one, rather, it adds to the magic of the acoustics. I experienced a personal thrill to be able to play violin sans microphone so that the violin sound was produced entirely by wooden structures--wooden violin, wooden building. What a warm glowing ambience! Wow. Anyway, just to let you know that our experience at Bugle Boy was really special, and one we look forward to doing again. Next time we must bring more folks on the ride! AM

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