A.J. Croce

"The Bugle Boy is a musical oasis, nurturing an audience that is both respectful and adventurous, willing to follow an artist in any direction they may wish to explore."

—A.J. Croce

The Bugle Boy is one of the premier listening rooms in Texas. Our stage is a bridge that allows you to connect with your audience at the highest level. Our audiences have developed a great musical palate. They are patrons of the art of independent musicians and support shows that are of the highest artistic standard. Our audience expects excellence and thrives on discovery. They will give you their undivided attention and become lifelong fans if you are passionate and have the ability to make a significant connection with them through lyrical content and delivery of your songs. Refined performance skills are a must for a successful show.

Minimum Booking Requirements:

  1. Artist must have 90 minutes of original material.
  2. Be experienced with playing "listening room" environments.
  3. Have an up to date PUBLIC website. We do not consider a Facebook page alone adequate.
  4. Have a quality video representative of performance style.
  5. Have a reasonable expectation of drawing 1/2 of the 80 seats from personal fan base.

Additional Inforamtion:

  1. The timing of our shows do not allow for supporting acts.
  2. We are generally booked 6-12 months in advance.
  3. The typical Bugle Boy patron is 40 plus, college educated, non smoker and typically drinks more wine than beer. If you can connect with this demographic and you meet the above requirements we would be interested in reviewing your material.

    Please submit to us your EPK or website link by email. This is the only format that we accept. You may send us a note with specific available dates for consideration. All submissions are reviewed within 10 days. Note: we rely heavily on video footage of live performances. Please have links available for viewing on your website and or EPK. Send your url link to .

    Thank you for your interest in performing at The Bugle Boy.

    We take all inquiries seriously but due to the large volume of interest we can only respond to your inquiry if we intend to offer you a booking engagement.

    Bugle Boy Info:

    Seating Capacity: 80 general admission @ $15 & up / up to 10 In-house VIPs @ $5.00
    Compensation: Fair Trade Wage Standards vs 75/25 split on agreed door / Artist keeps 100% of merch
    Sound Engineer: Supplied
    Sound System: Presonus 16.4.2 soundboard with Eon house speakers & 4 montiors
    Stage Lighting: LED par 64
    Stage: 8' x 18' raised
    Instruments: 1933 Baldwin M Baby Grand Piano donated by Plum Pianos.

    Twitter: @BugleBoyTX / @KTIMRadio / Facebook | ReverbNation

    Send Press Releases to Bugle Boy publicist Michael Bates at michael@thebugleboy.org.

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