In January 2005, after retrofitting a WW II Army barracks, founder Lane Gosnay opened The Bugle Boy listening room in La Grange, TX.  In 2008, The Bugle Boy Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, was established with the mission to “Elevate and Sustain Original Live Music”.

We accomplish our mission by offering Live Concerts at The Bugle Boy Listening Room, funding artists through our Talent Trust, supporting the annual Songwriter Serenade Song Contest, and servicing the greater community through our music-based Outreach Programs.

The Bugle Boy listening room is a Fair Trade Music venue where artists are fairly compensated to perform their original music, and most concerts are live streamed and can be viewed from anywhere in the world via our live broadcasting page.

Our Community Outreach Programs bring artists in to perform offsite for students, nursing home residents, and hospice patients as well as lead workshops to teach Veterans songwriting and guitar lessons at the venue.

Our Leadership is comprised of an all volunteer Board of Directors and Artist Advisory Committee along with two full time / two part-time staff members. We also have a dedicated crew of Volunteers and we rely on public contributions all to sustain the organization and quality programming.